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These WEB pages are devoted to the ITRF2000 solution. Users are encouraged to send their comments/questions to the IERS ITRS Product Center :
Mail : e-mail

The ITRF2000 is divided in two parts:

  • Primary Combination of all (global or densification) solutions containing positions and velocities for all stations
  • Other Densification solutions which will be added in a second step

   Current ITRF analysis strategy

   Summary of the submitted solutions

   ITRF2000 datum definition

Following the ITRF2000 Workshop Recommendations, it was agreed to reject all outliers from the individual solutions. The list of all rejected stations from the individual solutions is given HERE.

 ITRF2000 Primary Combination Results :

Acknowledge ITRF2000 :
Altamimi, Z., P. Sillard, and C. Boucher (2002), ITRF2000: A new release of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame for earth science applications, J. Geophys. Res., 107(B10), 2214, doi:10.1029/2001JB000561.

For any question, please contact : e-mail
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